Shantanu Nigam, CEO, is  a veteran entrepreneur with a passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and patient wellness. His drive is fueled by a unique background that spans healthcare and the transformative AI technology that has changed the way complex problems are understood and solved.

Shantanu’s career path started in the late 90s when he founded an AI company that was shifting search algorithms from keyword-based to intent driven through the use of Eigenspace. Shantanu moved into Accenture’s Healthcare practice where he served in a leadership position for most of the 2000s. In addition to leading multiple payer and provider consulting engagements, Shantanu helped bring to market some of Accenture’s most innovative and leading-edge offerings.

In his current role, Shantanu leads cognitive machine leader Jvion. Under his leadership, the company delivers an innovative AI and patient wellness solution. This solution leverages a powerful approach that surpasses the effectiveness of any other offering and has served to establish the direction for clinical AI and its extension beyond risk identification. Jvion’s solution was brought to market with a first mover advantage and has held the dominant position in the healthcare AI market. Shantanu earned his Bachelor of Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in India.