Catapult Health provides worksite preventive checkups to employers with its extensive network of licensed Nurse Practitioners. Using on-the-spot diagnostic testing, a sophisticated technical platform and targeted clinical interventions, Catapult focuses on primary drivers of health spending like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

A recent cohort study of approximately 10,000 Catapult patients documented a 10% year-over-year reduction of Metabolic Syndrome, a disorder diagnosed by the co-occurrence of 3 or more risk factors measured by Catapult.


STATUS: Current

David Michel, Co-Founder and CEO, has extensive experience in the corporate wellness arena, most notably as the co-founder, President and CEO of WinningHabits, a company that devised customized, technology-based health and wellness programs for corporations and government agencies across the country. After successfully arranging the sale of WinningHabits, he became President and CEO of InnerChange, a nationally recognized residential treatment facility operator that specializes in the care of teen girls with emotional trauma. His passion for education and personal development (as well as his passion for helping children) also inspired his co-creation of the animated television show Jay Jay the Jet Plane, which is enjoyed by children and parents across the globe.