Bardy Diagnostics, Inc. (“BardyDx”) has developed and is commercializing the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (“CAM™”), the world’s smallest and lightest P-wave centric™ ambulatory cardiac monitor and arrhythmia detection device. Incorporating the extensive research, clinical expertise and intellectual property of Dr. Gust Bardy, CAM™ is a non-invasive cardiac monitor worn by patients to record heart rhythms for extended periods of time.

Due to its novel engineering and design, unique data capture and presentation capabilities and improved patient compliance, CAM™ improves the prospects for clinically actionable arrhythmia diagnoses and timely interventions. The earlier intervention and proper treatment of arrhythmias has the potential to drastically reduce their long-term complications and related costs.

The CAM™ data file can be quickly downloaded for analysis at a hospital or clinic or at a third-party reading site, whichever the customer prefers. CAM™ is approved for use in the U.S. and Europe and fits within existing reimbursement codes in each region.


STATUS: Acquired by Hillrom in August 2021

Kevin Hykes is the CEO and President of Bardy Diagnostics, a leading developer and provider of remote ambulatory cardiac monitoring and digital health solutions. Prior to joining Bardy Diagnostics, Kevin was an Operating Partner at Revival Healthcare Capital. Previously, Kevin was President and CEO of Relievant Medsystems, an Operating Partner at Versant Ventures, Chairman and CEO of Metavention, Inc., CEO of Cameron Health (acquired by Boston Scientific), and Chief Commercial Officer at Visiogen, Inc. (acquired by Abbott Labs). Prior to Visiogen, Kevin spent sixteen years at Medtronic in the CRM, Neurostimulation, and Cardiac Surgery businesses in the United States and Europe. Kevin received his MBA from Northwestern University and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin. Kevin serves as an independent director at Metavention, Inc. and Veran Medical Technologies.