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Providence Uses Remote Patient Monitoring For 700+ COVID-19 Patients

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Not-for-profit Catholic health system Providence is now remotely monitoring patients suffering from COVID-19 symptoms using Xealth’s digital health platform to deliver Twistle’s care automation and remote patient monitoring platform. To date, more than 700 positive or presumptive positive COVID-19 patients are already being helped with this solution at home, keeping patients safe and preventing additional stress on hospitals, emergency rooms, and front-line health care teams.

Providence is using a pathway solution from Twistle to reach out automatically to at-risk patients via secure text messaging, phone, or smartphone apps to gather up-to-date information about symptoms and send alerts to their care team if their symptoms require attention. This solution protects and relieves overburdened health care professionals while also giving patients peace of mind and a safety net for communication while they recover at home. Xealth is providing the underlying platform for automation and integration into the provider EMR workflow. The Xealth/Twistle solution was deployed from a standing start to production in four days. Read More

HEP Statement on COVID-19

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We have reflected on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on our portfolio, our limited partners, and our employees. Our thoughts first go to the safety and wellbeing of those in our network. We recognize the selfless determination of those on the frontlines of care: the health systems racing to expand capacity in an effort to stay “ahead of the curve,” the physicians and caregivers who are directly treating COVID patients daily, and the payers who have been rapidly expanding coverage and enhancing access to remote care.

We think of the dedication and tenacity of our portfolio companies, whose leadership snapped into action over the past month, rolling out virtual offices, implementing comprehensive infection control protocols, and developing detailed contingency plans to safeguard both the health of their customers and employees, as well as the integrity of business operations during this period of uncertainty. We are moved by how many of our companies rose to the challenge of directly tackling the COVID outbreak. As a particularly poignant example, Twistle, a care plan automation company in HEP III, developed five pathways for monitoring COVID patients and exposed providers per the CDC’s guidelines. As of the writing of this memorandum, Twistle is engaging with 264 COVID-positive patients at various levels of concern through its platform.

With each day that passes, examples like this reaffirm the responsiveness of the core themes behind which HEP invests to the pain points that this outbreak has brought acutely into focus; these include building the next-generation virtual care infrastructure, leveraging analytics to reduce preventable harm, and improving outcomes through hyper-personalized care. While we acknowledge the economic disruption that COVID will represent throughout our sector and beyond, we do not believe that the current epidemic will erode the core demand drivers that underpinned our original investment thesis. As an organization, the HEP team has experience investing across multiple economic and political cycles and is equipped to help its portfolio companies navigate this period with strategic and financial support. We believe that the core principles we champion in evaluating companies — capital efficiency, fanatical commitment to the customer, and focus on leveraging technology to improve quality — are ones that will serve our management teams well as they chart their future courses.


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The Tech That Could Be Our Best Hope for Fighting COVID-19—and Future Outbreaks

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By deeply analyzing the care that every COVID-19 patient receives, for example, AI can tease out the best treatment strategies. Jvion, a health care analytics company, is using AI to study 30 million patients in its data universe to identify people and communities at highest risk of COVID-19 on the basis of more than 5,000 variables that include not just medical history but also lifestyle and socioeconomic factors such as access to stable housing and transportation. Working with clients that include large hospital systems as well as small remote health centers, Jvion’s platform creates lists of people who should be contacted pro-actively to warn them about their vulnerability so health providers can create a care plan for them. Read More

Telemedicine Poised for Rapid Growth With Increasing Number of COVID-19 Infections, Elimination of Medicare Payment Barriers

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With the federal government’s loosening of restrictions on Medicare payment for virtual health care services, the use of telemedicine is poised to grow exponentially across the country. At the same time, the increasing number of people infected with COVID-19 and resulting hospitalizations will increase demand for physician specialists and subspecialists who can deliver high acuity care through telemedicine.

“Access Physicians has long believed in the power of telemedicine to deliver health care of clinical excellence to more patients who need it,” said Chris Gallagher, MD, FACC, CEO, Access Physicians. “Adoption and use of and comfort with telemedicine have been on a growth trajectory for several years. The current public health crisis will only accelerate these trends. We are pleased that telemedicine is being viewed as a vital resource in these uncertain times to bring essential health care to more people. Read More