Amanda Hall, Director of Clinical Services, Catapult Health

By April 7, 2020Covid

What have you done to help shape the Catapult clinical protocol for COVID-19?
I facilitated the discussion that led to our COVID-19 clinical protocol, and led training for our Nurse Practitioner team as they prepared to consult with patients about symptoms of and exposure to the virus. I coordinated development of the protocols related to the consultation process, including set up, connecting to patients, assessment of pertinent history and physical exam, decision, and development of an action plan for each patient. As a Nurse Practitioner, I was able to pilot this process the first week to get a better idea of the process flow and the clinical course. I used my experience in the pilot to consult with our other clinical advisors and to guide our Nurse Practitioner team in their clinical decision making. During this pilot we developed protocols around high risk patients that provide guidance about the decision to refer for same day testing or urgent care, or to wait 24 hours for further evaluation and/or testing.

How has the company responded to this challenge?
CatapultCares launched on Tuesday 3/24/20, only one week after the idea was conceptualized. Our HR team quickly identified Nurse Practitioners who could provide consultations from their home, organized a scheduling process, and purchased and configured secure systems that the NPs could use. Our technology team worked around the clock for days to program our COVID-19 criteria for CatapultCares. This support has provided our Nurse Practitioners a quick and effective way to assess patients and refer if they meet COVID-19 screening criteria. If they do not, we are encouraging self-quarantine, giving them warning signs, and discussing ways to keep themselves and family healthy.

What advice or thoughts can you share which might impact or motivate others right now.
Follow your state and county shelter in-place orders. We can slow the spread. This is crucial so we do not overwhelm our healthcare system. Reach out to a medical professional, by phone, with questions. Remember to thank healthcare professionals and first responders for working tirelessly to care and serve.

We thank Amanda Hall for her all her hard work and have made a $1,000 donation on Amanda’s behalf to the Community Health Clinic, where she volunteers.