HEP conducts an annual survey to gain insight on the views of its industry limited partners on issues affecting payers and providers. With that information, we host a subsequent webinar to discuss our findings and identify solutions.

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2013 Survey and Webinar: Beyond Meaningful Use: Harnessing Data’s Potential in the Post-Reform Era

Of all the truisms associated with healthcare reform, the “transformative power of big data” remains one of the most frequently used. For all the talk of data’s potential, many hospital systems, health plans, and healthcare companies struggle to unlock the value from the numerous data sources at their disposal. Moreover, sweeping fears persist regarding the data requirements that reform will place on hospitals and health plans. It is the purpose of this survey and webinar to identify how the most progressive organizations are innovating ahead of legislative mandates to reap the rewards of data.

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2012 Survey and Webinar: Seizing Opportunity in the Wake of Reform

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the majority of the ACA, payers and providers alike are dynamically adjusting their business models to cope with the new pressures wrought by legislative mandates. It is the purpose of this survey and webinar to identify how the most progressive hospital systems and health plans are adapting their strategies in response to reform.

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"The Partners at HEP have served as indispensable colleagues, mentors and investors. They truly understand the business of healthcare and share our passion for reforming the system. "

− Will Saunders , CEO, AllyAlign Health